A sale to go down in history

The John James Foundation has sold the properties that comprise the John James Healthcare campus.

With the Foundations asset base almost exclusively being held in the ownership of land and buildings of the John James Healthcare Campus, the Board unanimously agreed that the timing of the sale of its assets will ensure the long-term sustainability of the Foundation.

The sale of the John James Healthcare campus obtained a market leading price of more than $100M, with the properties sold to a healthcare specialist property fund, Barwon Investment Partners.

The historic sale is the culmination of the Foundations growth under the guidance of its 150 medical specialists, who are committed to giving back to Canberra.  The legacy of the Foundation remains through the continued operations of the Hospital, and the Foundation is able to embark on a new direction.

The sale enables the Foundation to deliver a big investment back into the Canberra community through its Philanthropic activities.

The Foundation Board made an immediate decision to double its Community Health grants program to half a million dollars for this year’s round of funding, and puts the Foundation in a financial position to grow their philanthropic programs for the benefit of Canberra and surrounds.

The Foundation has the bold aspiration to become widely recognised as the premier charitable health organisation in the ACT.