Hospital Partnership

As the current owners of the land and buildings that form the John James Healthcare Campus, the John James Foundation retains a special affinity for the Calvary John James Hospital in Deakin, ACT,  the largest private hospital in Canberra.

The Foundation has a close working partnership with Calvary Private Healthcare, the operators of Calvary John James Hospital, which is itself a not-for-profit charitable organisation. The John James Foundation considers applications from Calvary for additional specialist medical equipment, as well as capital works and upgrades to hospital facilities and fabric.

The goal is to ensure the Calvary John James Hospital remains a premier private hospital in Canberra, providing excellent services and facilities to all patients living in Canberra and surrounding region. To date, the John James Foundation has made contributions to the Hospital Partnership approaching $3 million for refurbishment, works and the purchase of a range of surgical and specialist equipment.

In 2014 the Foundation used an Australian Government grant of $502,000, as well as its own funds to undertake a range of heating, lighting and air-conditioning upgrades at the Hospital and in the Deakin Healthcare Campus.

A modern new chiller unit was installed, replacing 20-year-old plant, to improve air-conditioning to theatres and the maternity ward. Outdated lighting in the Hospital grounds and carparks was replaced with environmentally sustainable fittings and heating for tenants in the Peter Yorke Building was upgraded. Some lighting fixtures were also upgraded.

In 2014, the Foundation contributed to a major refurbishment of the Hospital’s 26-bed maternity ward.  The update saw all rooms in the ward renovated and a new colour scheme used as the basis for a fresh, modern look, with up-to-date fittings, floor coverings and furniture.  En-suites were also refitted to create a ‘more hotel than hospital’ feel for Canberra’s premier private facility for expectant mums.

The Foundation also contributed to the complete refurbishment of a general surgical ward in 2015 and is funding a second similar ward upgrade, due for completion in early 2017.