Indigenous Allied Health Professional Development and Study Scholarships

Indigenous Allied Health Australia (IAHA) is the national Indigenous allied health peak body. The organisation obtains funding for scholarships to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander allied health graduates and students to attend two international Indigenous health events.

In 2018 the John James Foundation granted IAHA $15,000 through the Community Health Program to support four scholarships for their members. Two graduates and two students were chosen to attend a number of educational events, which many Indigenous allied health graduates and students do not have the opportunity to attend.

The funding goes towards graduates and students to further educate and develop their skills and understanding, addressing the inequalities indigenous peoples face in Australia and across the world.

The events included the Healing Our Spirit conference in Sydney which discussed Indigenous physical, spiritual, emotional, social and cultural wellness presentations and workshops sharing knowledge and skills over 4 days.

The International Indigenous Allied Health Forum brought together Indigenous and First Nation presenters and panellists from New Zealand, Canada and Hawaii to discuss shared experiences and practices to support and retain Indigenous allied health workers. This forum discussed many issues indigenous peoples face, aimed at creating awareness and improving the overall healthcare for indigenous people worldwide.

Students also attended the International Indigenous Student HealthFusion Team Challenge.  Here students participated in clinical, cultural and educational events where they learnt and exchanged information from Indigenous and First Nation university students.

John James Foundation remains committed to supporting Indigenous health and healthcare.

IAHA shares our vision to strengthen health outcomes in our community by improving the patient and doctor experience through education and vocation.

A few words from our recipients:

“The 2018 John James Foundations (JJF) professional development scholarship was absolutely priceless. I am thankful for the financial support provided by the JJF to attend the 2018 Healing our Spirit Worldwide (HOSW), the Indigenous Allied Health Australia (IAHA) members forum and the

IAHA International Health Fusion Team Challenge (IHFTC). I have been a member of IAHA for several years and believe that this year’s events were some of the best that I have been to so far.”


“By attending this year’s events I was exposed to so many opportunities to see what people are doing in their local communities, nationally and also internationally. There were so many opportunities to grow through this community of practice; sharing of stories, leadership and solutions.”


“On reflection, this experience has helped me to grow both personally and professionally. Attending these events has enabled me to develop my network, mentor, share knowledge and to be mentored. Exchanging stories, knowledge and experiences with my peers and leaders nationally and internationally has enriched my thinking and provided me with the new ideas that I can apply in my work in developing health literacy, health promotion and policy.”